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At Victoria Boer Fitness we help you to lead a healthier lifestyle by working with you holistically.

We work with you in designing an appropriate exercise program, and also help you with a proper nutrition plan, helping you to make better informed choices about the best foods to include in your meals, and which are best avoided.

Your personalised tailored fitness program will help you get the best results for your body type and fitness level.

Benefits of Working with Me

The benefits of working with me are many. You get:

  • private one to one attention
  • a healtier lifestyle that works with your routine
  • a personal exercise programme that fits your needs
  • to look your best and feel your best
  • to understand your generic body type
  • to eliminate stress
  • your body back after pregnancy
  • excellent support on the way to achieving your health and fitness goals
  • a FREE 12 week nutrition and diet book
  • the best nutrition guide plans
  • increased productivity and energy
  • an accountablity partner
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • guaranteed results
  • and more...

Our Clients

We have successfully assisted our clients in achieving their fitness goals. They include:




Success Stories
Personal Trainer West London

I Lost 2 Stones; from a Size 16
to a Size 10!

I've trained with Victoria, a West London Personal Trainer, now since October 2006; during that time I've noticed how Victoria has evolved from more than just a Personal Trainer who puts me through my paces two days a week down at the gym to a fully-fledged Lifestyle Coach.

Victoria has invested serious time getting to know me and understanding how my lifestyle and physiology work together so that she can get the best results out of me and help me to achieve my goals.

Victoria is firm and fair in her approach and is a great deal of fun to work with. Her high-energy and enthusiasm for all parts of life always motivates me and never fails to make me smile!

Kate Newton



Two years ago I looked in the mirror and I did not like the reflection,
so I decided like most of us do when we hit that point of no return -- join the gym!!

After a few months of joining I began talking to a few personal trainers trying to find out how long it would take  before I would be back to my former glory? One trainer stood out for me with just one question :

"What do you come here for Vanity, or productivity?"

From then my mind was made up.

She made me realise that this was not a short term fix, this was going to be my journey to a fitter & healthier lifestyle.

January 2010:
I started training two days a week with Victoria, Hammersmith Personal Trainer. I won't lie it has not been the easiest journey, but she breaks training down in stages so you know exactly where you are going and how you are going to get there (blood, sweat & lots of tears).

October 2011:
So much  has changed my physical appearance, mentally I feel stronger! Victoria has given me the tools that has improved not only my body but my mind, my journey to success is continuos because as Victoria says as a man thinketh so shall he become!!

Thanks Victoria...





On 15/02/2011 these were my measurements.  Bust 44" Waist 34" Hip 44".  On 29/08/2011 these were my measurements. Bust 37"  Waist 30"  Hip 40".  My aim is Bust 36" Waist 28 and Hip 38. Mercy, London.   "Write Your Own Success Story"

?Victoria Boer, former Olympic Athlete, is now working with a select group of private clients in order to achieve their ideal bodies and health. Each West London Personal Training program is customized to the clients' specific goals and unique needs. This individualization leads to outstanding results and that is why Victoria has become one of the most sought after Hammersmith West London Personal Trainer."